Relations forme-fonction et évolution de la locomotion arboricole chez les mammifères

Appel à projets 2015

Advisor :            Antony HERRELUMR 7179 –

Co-advisor :       UMR7207 – Stéphane PEIGNE      

PhD student :     Christine BOEHMER  

Period :              2015 – 2017

Geographic zone : Paris, France


Presentation :

This project aims to understand the morphological adaptations of the forelimb in relation to arboreal locomotion. To do so we will investigate the relationship between bone shape and muscle structure in different groups of mammals including carnivores, primates and rodents.


Expected results :

Our results will allow us to test whether the evolution of an arboreal life style is associated with changes in the anatomy of the musculo-skeletal system. Moreover, this will allow us to test whether the same morphological features are associated with an arboreal life style in different groups of mammals thus testing for convergence.


Particularity :

This project will allow us to make better inferences of the locomotor behavior in extinct mammals. These paleo-biological reconstructions are of interest to a broad scientific audience as well as the public at large.


Matériel disponible :

Photos of dissections of the forelimb in a diversity of mammals are available.