Masters training & e-learning

In the initial project, BCDiv aimed to develop system of e-learning. Owing to the recruitment of a pedagogy engineer for 3 years starting from May 2012 and to tight collaborations with the MNHN Teaching Department and with the IdEx teaching project, we fulfil this aim and even did much more. We ambitioned to:

  • creating a synergy within the MNHN and federate the initiatives,
  • becoming integrated into the TICE networks, especially at the National scale, and be in position to benefit from the national and international grants.

An open MNHN TICE Committee was created for stimulating the reflection within the Museum, bringing its expertise to the projects and networking a group a motivated scientists. The TICE Committee works in tight connection with the Teaching and Training unit of the SUs IdEx and with the Numerical University of Paris Ile-de-France. It is a member of the Governemental Portal for numerical resources, and a founder member of the Virtual University for Environment and Sustainable Development (UVED).

The MNHN is the main participants of the Biodiversity Massive Open Online Course (Mooc) of the UVED. The TICE Committee also created a Moodle plateform for e-learning which proposes an increasing range of courses, a series of complementary information for the lessons, exercises, training evaluations and positioning tests. It also proposes one module of resources for the teachers of primary schools and four modules for the secondary school teachers. The Committee also initiated a programme of capture of the large selection of MNHN Master Lessons of general interest; it is making them available on the Moodle platform and on the P&M Curie University IFSI website.

Soutien aux Masters & e-learning - @Jean-Jacques Bahain - LabEx BCDiv - Muséum
Edition scientifique du Muséum - @Laurence Bénichou & Gwenaëlle Chavassieu - LabEx BCDiv - Muséum